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SSR systems let you fire your slaved strobes without a triggering flash. No need to hook up a PC cord between the camera and main flash or use a camera-mounted strobe; the SSR transmitter replaces them both. Mount the compact transmitter on your hot shoe, or connect it to the camera PC terminal; each time you shoot, the SSR transmitter fills the studio with an invisible pulse of light. A super-sensitive SSL Ultra  Slave picks up the signal from any direction and fires the main flash, which in turn triggers all other slaved strobes in the setup.


SSR (Transmitter and Ultra Slave Receiver)

  • High-powered, for big studios or large-scale industrial/architectural work.
  • Maximum range - 600 feet!
  • Two "AA" batteries in the transmitter power up to 5,000 shots.  With fresh batteries, transmitter recycle times average less than 1 second, so you'll never miss a shot.

    Cat. No. 920-200 ("H"-prong)
    Cat. No. 920-250 (Monoplug)

SSR-Jr. (Transmitter and Ultra Slave Receiver)

  • Excellent for the average-size studio.
  • Maximum range 100 feet.
  • One 9V battery in the transmitter gives over 100,000 shots!
  • Recycle times average less than 1/2 second with fresh battery.

    Cat. No. 920-100 ("H"-prong)
    Cat. No. 920-150 (Monoplug)



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