Safe Syncs

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SAFE SYNCS Safely reduces any electronic flash source from up to 400 volts to less than 6 volts to the camera sync input. This is absolutely mandatory for all high end and digital cameras. 

1........Safe Sync HS item 990-550, Professional heavy duty PC input of high voltage from power pak or strobe to  6 volt output to camera hot shoe. 

2.....HSHS ,990-560 Hot Shoe to Hot Shoe Safe Sync that also features professional heavy duty threaded PC high voltage input to 6 volts at the male hot shoe that the camera sees. Reduces redeye by raising shoe mounted strobe and also  two can be used in tandem in effect for a high voltage input from pc or hotshoe to a low voltage pc if mounted on a camera bracket. 

3.......MMSS Safe Sync , Monoplug, #990-510, female to male configuration powerpak configuration

4.......SSH Safe Sync. # 990-500,  Two prong female to male power pak configuration. 

5......SSPC Safe Sync. 



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