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Whether you want to trigger a shoe flash from across the room, or a gaggle of 4800 watt/second packs from an arena catwalk, Wein has a slave that will do the job. All are solid, tough and reliable, and there's a model available for any type of flash connection. And leave the batteries in the bag; Wein slaves don't need them.

Premier Slaves... Up to one half-mile range!
Super-Sensitive, Super-Tough

Ultra Slaves (SSL/XL)

  • The most sensitive photo slaves available, range up to 3000 feet!
  • Works indoors or out: ambient light filter prevents interference from bright sunlight or false-triggering from flickering fluorescents.
  • 360� reception, works around corners and behind obstacles!
  • Available with either "H"-prong or monoplug sync connector for direct connection to virtually any professional flash or power pack.
  • All Ultra Slaves feature standard PC terminal as alternative sync connector.
  • Lower-sensitivity XL Model (range up to 600 feet) also available.

    Cat. No. 930-010 (SSL "H"-prong)
    Cat. No. 930-015 (SSL-E Monoplug)
    Cat. No. 930-020 (XL "H"-prong)
    Cat. No. 930-025 (XL-E Monoplug)

High Performance Slaves ... Up to 600 foot range

Hot Shoe Slaves

Hot Shoe Slaves (HS)

  • Attach directly to foot of any shoe-mount flash - no other connection necessary.
  • Range up to 150 feet (HS model) or 600 feet (HS-XL).
  • HS-XL features built-in ambient light filter for outdoor use.
  • Constructed of aircraft aluminum and solid epoxy; virtually indestructible.
  • Integral 1/4-inch - 20 threaded socket for tripod, monopod or light stand mounting.
  • PC terminal for use with non-shoe flash units.

    Cat. No. 940-030 (HS)
    Cat. No. 940-040 (HS-XL)
Micro Slave

Micro Slave (L8)

  • The original battery-free photo slave.
  • Range up to 150 feet.
  • Super-compact; smaller than a 35mm film cartridge.
  • Standard "H"-prong connector.

    Cat. No. 940-050
Micro Ultra Slave

Micro Ultra Slave (XL8)

  • High performance version of the original Micro Slave.
  • Range up to 400 feet.
  • Ambient light-filtered or reliable outdoor use.
  • Available with either "H"-prong or monoplug sync connector; both have standard PC terminal as alternate sync connection.

    Cat. No. 940-060 ("H"-prong)
    Cat. No. 940-070 (Monoplug)

The "Peanut" (PN)
Value Leader - Up to 100 foot range

  • Tiny size, weighs less than 1/2 ounce!
  • Up to 100 foot range (indoors).
  • Solid epoxy won't crack, protects micro-circuitry inside.
  • Standard PC sync connector attaches directly to Vivitar 283/285 or any other flash via PC or cord.
  • Available individually or in economical 3-pack.

    Cat. No. 940-001 (Single "peanut")
    Cat. No. 940-003 ("peanut" 3-pack)

High-Performance "Peanut" (PN-XL)

  • Enhanced version of the original "Peanut" slave
  • Range up to 300 feet.
  • Ambient light-filtered or reliable outdoor use.
  • Standard PC sync connector.

    Cat. No. 940-020

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