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Frees your hot shoe or PC terminal for a dedicated/TTL flash connection while using any Pro-Sync system. The tiny module Velcros to your on-camera flash and senses when it fires, then completes the circuit that triggers your Pro-Sync transmitter. Sync-Link keeps your transmitter "outside the loop," allowing for normal connection of flash to camera. Sync-Link also adds on-camera flash/remote flash switching capability, similar to that of the Pro-Sync LX, to 1 channel Pro-Sync systems. Choose WeinTip connector for Pro-Syncs made prior to August 1994, or a Mini-Plug version for newer models, identifiable by a locking hot shoe.

Cat. No. 990-600 (WeinTip Connector)
Cat. No. 990-650 (Mini-Plug Connector)

TeleFlash Monitor

TeleFlash Monitor
Positively lets you know that every remote flash fired, every time! Stick a cordless TeleFlash onto each flash in your set-up (or clip it to the flash cord for better visibility). TeleFlash detects the electro-magnetic surge of a "good" flash firing, blinks a bright red LED for 5-10 seconds, then automatically resets for the next shot.
A quick glance at each TeleFlash in your studio gives you instant, reliable flash confirmation. A single 9V battery (not included) provides power for thousands of activations.

Cat. No. 970-100

Meter-Mate 2

Meter-Mate 2
Eliminates the need for a PC hookup to your flash meter when taking exposure readings! Attach with Velcro to your flash meter, plug into the PC terminal, then connect a Wein SSL Ultra Slave (at least one required) to the main flash. Each time you press the flash meter exposure button, Meter Mate 2 emits an invisible pulse of infrared light that fires your entire slaved flash setup, cordlessly, from up to 100 feet away. Transmitter comes with a replaceable battery that powers up to 6,000 firings. An ideal addition to SSR/SSR-jr. Studio remote systems.

Cat. No. 990-750 (Meter-mate 2 only)
Cat. No. 920-500 (Meter-Mate 2/Ultra Slave Kit)


Flash meters
Wein flash meters – classic, and still going strong!

  • Economical, reliable, excellent for serious enthusiasts.
  • Trouble-free analog operation.
  • Standard model (shown) provides readings from f/2-f/22, accurate to 1/3 stop.
  • Deluxe model provides readings from f/2- f/90,  accurate to 1/6 stop.

Cat. No. 950-010 (Standard)
Cat. No. 950-020 (Deluxe)

Replacement Foot/Slave

Replacement Foot/Slave for Vivitar 283/285 (FFA)
A hot shoe with a plus:  adds remote control versatility to any shoe type flash, and repairs broken feet on Vivitar 283 or 285 strobes!

  • Slides on any flash foot with no other connection necessary.
  • Built in slave has 150-foot range.
  • Includes special hardware needed to attach slave to Vivitar foot as a permanent reinforcement or repair. No rewiring or factory service necessary!
  • Built-in "H"-prong (female) terminal offers alternative to less reliable PC plugs, overrides slave when sync cord is connected.
  • Aircraft aluminum housing with 1/4”-20 threaded socket underneath for tripod and light stand mounting.

Cat. No. 990-400


Adapters and Connectors

  • Safe-Sync™ - Reduces flash synchronization voltage to 6V, protecting camera shutter contacts from arching and pitting.

    Cat. No. 990-500

  • Safe-Sync™  HS-  Same as above, but with hot shoe and threaded PC contacts.

    Cat. No. 990-550
  • "H"- Prong to monoplug adapter.

    Cat. No. 990-315
  • SB-24/SB-25 Adapter - Allows any Ultra Slave, Micro Ultra Slave or Pro-Sync™ infrared receiver to be connected directly to Nikon SB-24, SB-25 or SB-26 flash units.

    Cat. No. 990-325
  • "H"- prong to PC adapter, 9 inch cord.

    Cat. No. 990-305
  • TT-100 Professional heavy duty table top tripod for  still cameras, video cameras and microphones. Spring loaded collapsible legs. fully articulated ball joint adjustment with rugged 1/4 20 male thread and tightening wheel . Collapses to  5 1/2 inches yet supports pounds of weight

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