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Wein VS-500 VIRAMASK with ViraSeal (For Children 6 to 16)


  • Advanced virus leakage adhesion seal
  • Tested  by leading scientists
  • Advanced Filtration Pandemic Use Medical Grade Adhesion 
  • Size: 5 1/2 inches x 4 inches, weighs:  1/2 oz
  • Disposable 8 hour use
  • Enhanced inhalation adhesion shield      
  • Hypoallergenic medical grade adhesion
  • Evaporative cooling system
  • Easy to breathe and talk
  • 8 hour comfort without confining rubber bands
  • Fits and molds to any face
  • Made in USA
  • Patent pending


  • Blood penetration-- Not measurable
  • Flammability ...FDA 16 CFR Part 1610 Lab No. 315004 results.. Flammability Class 1- Passed
  • Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE)- and Differential Pressure FDA (21 cfr pART 58) lAB nO 314853. Protocol No 200536208-01 Staph Aureus ATC #6358. RESULTS: Greater than 99.9% of bacteria filtered at 2.9 MM H2/cm2. There were no detected colonies on any of the Anderson impactor sampler plates.
  • Viral Filtration Efficiency (VFE)- Greater than 99.9%. FDA (21 CFR Part 58) Lab No. 315002. Protocol No. 200536209-01. Bacteriophage  0 X 174 per MM, 36954C and ASTNF2101. RESULTS: > 99.9% VFE. There were NO plaques detected on the any of the Anderson impactor sampler plates.
  • Penetration resistance at 0.3 microns NACL per TSI 8130 automatic filter tester test area 38.5 cm2 @ 301 pm normal breathing rate.
  • Results: .05% penetration  and 7.59 Res MM. Note: same conditions for N95 material was 1.51% and 12.97 MM Res. 30 times greater.
  • Inhalation exhalation resistance per FDA protocol No 200600307-01 Results...10.5 MM and 16 MM limits are 35 MM max and 25 MM Max Passed... Excellent

DISCLAIMER: VIRAMASK is not a medical product but an emergency respirator mask. It will not treat, cure, prevent or mitigate and human disease once infection occurs by inhaling airborne particles. It can however, significantly  reduce the concentration of airborne germ sized submicron particles and other contaminants including smoke and mold spores and so lower the risk of critical inhalation. The VIRAMASK is meant for emergency air filtration. Use once, 8 hours maximum, and exercise care in removal. Not for use by the elderly, infirmed or children under 4 without a doctor's advice. Do not reuse. Wein is not responsible  for mishandling or misuse of VIRAMASK.  Check with  your doctor if you have any respiratory conditions. Wein Products, Inc.  can make no warranties or representations, either  expressed or implied, that these products will fully protect the user from exposure to blood or body fluids or contacting infectious disease.