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Silent Night™ Room Air Purifier( SN311 )


The Silent Night air cleaner is unmatched for effectiveness, operating cost and noise level. Silent Night's zephyr-quiet technology captures dust, pollen, bacteria, mold spores and other particulates from all size ranges, including EPA-required *PM 2.5 reduction... with minimal energy usage.

*Particle Matter with a 2.5 micron diameter (far too small to see), considered especially dangerous.

Now you can Breathe with Confidence® knowing that you can count on Silent Night® to deliver Quiet/Pure/Air 24 hours a day... with no fan noise!

Silent Night's non-turbulent laminar flow silently diffuses at the rate of 12,000 cubic feet per hour, or the equivalent of exchanging the air Inside a 400 sq ft room more than 4 times per hour with Quiet/Pure/Air.

This example reflects how the EPA defines CLEAN AIR DELIVERY RATE for residential air cleaners.

Your Silent Night eliminates virtually all airborne particulate: from the smallest airborne virus and bacteria to toxic, infectious and allergenic contaminated air which includes mold spores, pollens, fumes, smoke and house dust. Billions of air pollution particles can be drawn into the ZEPA-1 Filter, but virtually nothing comes out the Front Grille except contaminant-free, purified air. We prove it with our laser Particle Testers!
No other air purifier comes close to this level of performance.

Silent Night's turbulent-free air flow technology eliminates noise, is ultra energy-efficient and reduces the reintroduction of particles that are held in rugs, walls, storage areas and furniture. In contrast, the turbulence of fan motor systems is more apt to stir up particles inside a room. Silent Night does not have this problem because its capture ability does not require a fan.

Wein advanced technolgy always runs at its hightest capture efficiency:maximum capacity. It removes virtually 100% of the most dangerous airborne pollutants - from viruses to much larger particles.

Breathe with Confidence®


Review the General Operation instructions before operating your unit.

  1. Make sure the On/Off switch is OFF (O). Insert wall adapter into an AC outlet and wait unitl green light turns on, indicating that your adapter has power.
  2. Insert the DC input plug into the jack at the bottom right side of the Silent Night. Make sure it is inserted securely before turning on the power switch.
  3. The ElectroDynamic status light, a low intensity blue light, will turn on when you press ON (l).
  4. Two replaceable ZEPA Filters are already installed in the base of the unit.
  5. Running your unit 24/7 is suggested for maximum effectiveness.
  6. As long as the blue light can be seen your Silent Night is working properly.

That's all there is to it.


  1. To remove or to insert the filters, turn the power switch to OFF(O) and unplug the cord from the wall
  2. Lay your Silent Night on its back and slide out either filter for cleaning or replacing. No tools needed.
  3. To insert a new filter, reverse this movement. Be sure the filters are inserted far enough into the unit that it is level when you turn it right-side up.
  4. Turn the power switch to ON (l)

That's all there is to it.


ElectroDynamic Air Cleaning Technology
Virtually silent, fanless, contaminant-free air propulsion.
ZEPA Filtration Technology
ZEPA (Zephyr ElectroDynamic Pariculate Arrestment). The SN311 has two replaceable filters. The ZEPA-1 back filter substantially reduces larger particulate. The ZEPA-2 front filter produces Silent Night's contaminant-free air.
45 watts. Silent Night exceeds the Energy Star requirements by a wide margin. In compliance with worldwide regulations CSA/CE/UL867. Input, 90V-240V 26v (class 2) ultra-protection all country low voltage wall adapter.
CADR Clean Air Delivery Rate
IBR, a certified AHAM Independent Lab, tested Silent Night at 197.2 Smoke CADR cubic feet per minute, the equivalent of 12,000 cubic feet per hour. Silent Night delivers 4 air exchanges per hour in a 400 square foot room.

UL type 94VO ABS plastic with appliance finish.

6 lbs. 14" H x 11" W x 5.5" D

Permanent Ozone Filter
At the very front of your unit is the Permanent Ozone Filter that converts ozone into oxygen. It does not need to be replaced becuase catalysts are not depleted as they function.

Important Note: DO NOT vacuum the Front Grille. To clean it, wipe with a damp cloth.

The Ionizer is an optional carbon fiber emitter designed for commercial/extended area use, where you can place the Silent Night 6 feet from any wall. The Ionizer tube is at the top left of the Front Grille.
Weekly or when needed, activate the unique internal cleaning mechanism by inverting your unit 6 or more times to allow the beads to clean the internal wires. Twice a month, remove front and back filters and vacuum.



Better Air - Better Sleep - Better Environment

Silenty combats respiratory issues by creating a contaminant pollution free zone in your bedroom or any room



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