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Immediate Release- July 15th 2008-WeinProducts Inc. Los Angeles, CA 
The American Lung Association says, “Ifyou can’t breathe, nothing else matters!”
The people throughout NorthernCalifornia know this only too well.  That is whyI am writing to you about our personal air purifier, TheMinimate.  I am not trying to be self serving. I just know that The Minimate really works andduring a time of crisis we as citizens must reach out and help eachother.
The Minimate generates an intenseelectrostatic wind that charges floating particles in the breathingzone.  The particles, smoke in this case, arethen substantially repelled away from the user creating a particlefree breathing zone for toxic allergens, smoke, dust, viruses andbacteria.

The Minimate, personal ionic airpurifier has been tested by leading universities and researchinstitutes and recommended on Dateline NBC by the GoodhousekeepingInstitute.
The Minimate works on a lithium CR123Abattery (included), weighs only 1.5 ounces and is worn around theneck.
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