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LFP-600C Recharger



Detailed Description

  • The latest in advanced professional Lithium Ion Rechargeable Technology.
  • Designed specifically for the AS 150MM Mini-Mate Personal Protective Device.
  • Includes a Universal Two (2) Hour Fast Charger Type LFP 600C and two (2) Lithium Ion LIR 17335
  • 2 Rechargeable LFP 600 Batteries. (Can use anywhere LFP123A batteries required )
  • Will result in large cost savings for high usage applications.
  • The 2 batteries are equivalent to 1000 LFP123A batteries
  • Use one and recharge the other so that they are readily available for personal protection whenever needed.
  • Each battery holds its charge for approximately 12 hours and can be recharged approximately 500 times.
  • Do not charge ordinary LFP123A batteries with this charger. Only the included rechargeable bat


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