November 10, 2004







Dear Colleague:


     I wish to bring to your attention an effective and inexpensive physical modality to reduce the risks from airborne respiratory pathogens and allergens.


     A year ago I was asked by Jorley Distributing Inc., the Canadian Distributor for

Wein Products Inc., manufacturer of Air Supply� Ionic Air Purifiers, to provide a professional (engineer�s) opinion regarding the plausibility of the underlying physics of ionic air purifiers and their ability to reduce the concentrations of inhaled microorganisms and harmful inanimate particles.


    The reports in recent peer-reviewed journals demonstrate the efficacy of these purifiers in significantly reducing the concentrations of ambient Viral and Bacterial sized particulates within an individual�s breathing zone.


     I have rendered my opinion in regards to infectious particles, as has Dr. Peter Vadas, Allergist and Immunologist, regarding allergens and irritants.  Both of these Opinion Letters are posted on Jorley�s web site.  I have also enclosed hi-lighted segments from the latest peer-reviewed publications.


     You might like to consider the prophylactic benefits of the room-size unit (the Vortex VI 2500) or personal, wearable unit (the Mini-Mate AS150MM) for asthmatic and allergic patients/employees, and for individuals at risk of exposure to respiratory pathogens.


    More information is available on their web site at:

    For a CD on the scientific data available please contact Debi Soberman RN

at Jorley Distributing Inc. Her phone number is 905-482-9363 or toll free at

1-866-724-0404 or if I can be of any assistance please contact me directly.


                                                                                    Yours truly,



                                                                                    Dr.  Gabor Lantos


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