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  • About Us
    Wein Products is the manufacturer of the Air Supply 150 mini-mate and the Viira-Mask. Wein is an innovator of leading environmental products.

  • Air Supply and Battery Combination Pak

  • Camera Products
    Wein Products Inc. Camera Products and Flashes

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    Letters of Commendation for Wein Products, Inc.

  • Contact Us
    Contact information for Wein Products, Inc. Los Angeles, CA. Warranty Information for Wein Products.

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  • Environmental Products
    Wein Products Inc. has a complete line of Ionic air purifiers including the wearable Air Supply, VI-2500 Negative Ionizer and the Vira-Mask.

  • flu virus protection
    Flu Virus and the potential to prevent transmission using the Wein Vira-Mask Self Adhesive mask.

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  • Health Information/Resources

  • LIR-500 Recharger
    Wein Products LIR-500 Charger is made specifically for the Wein Air Supply 150 mm personal air purifier. A great advantage to anyone who uses their Air Supply daily.

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  • Press Releases
    Press Releases for Wein Products, Inc. of Los Angeles, CA

  • Scientific Letters

  • Scientific Research
    Scientific research which shows the efficacy of the Wein Negative Ionizer, Vira-Mask and the Wein Air Supply mini-mate personal air purifier.

  • second hand smoke
    Wein Products is dedicated to helping people prevent and minimize exposure to second hand smoke.

  • Wein Air Supply Personal Air Purifier AS 150mm
    Wein Air Supply Personal air purifier is the leading personal air purfier on the market today. Removes cigarette smoke, bacteria and other germs from the air you breathe. Seen on Dateline, Wall Street Journal and more.

  • Wein Auto Ionizer - AS 1250
    Wein Auto-Mate AS1250 auto-ionizer cleans the air in your car using the same technology as the Wein Air Supply mini-mate

  • Wein Products
    Wein Products manufacturers the Wein Air Supply Mini-Mate Personal Air Purifier, VI-2500 Negative Ionizer, Vira-Mask N99, AS1250 automate. Quality products at affordable prices.

  • Wein Products Sani-Mate Ionizer
    The Sani-Mate Ionizer is perfect for any closet or bathroom, Prodvides purfied air for an enclose environment.

  • Wein VI-2500 Vortex High Intensity Negative Ionizer
    Wein VI-2500 Ionizer is a high intensity vortex room ionizer designed to clean up to 800 sq. ft. in addition to providing the benefits of negative ions.

  • Wein ViraMask N99
    Wein ViraMask is the only self adhesive mask that provides N99 protection. Minimize infection with Influenza and other harmful respiratory infections.

  • Where to Buy
    Wein Products Retail Information. Contact Wein Products for purchasing information



Contact us:

Phone: 213-749-6049, Fax: 213-749-6250

Hours: 7:30-4:30 PST

email: weinprod@aol.com, also germkiller@webtv.net


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