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Who We Are

Wein Products is a privately held company, located in Los Angeles, CA. Wein Products has been innovating new technologies for many years and has created not only new products but entire new industries and new product categories in the process. Our professional photographic accessories division has produced the first hand held flash synchronized flashmeters, battery-less micropowered slaving devices and non polluting Wein Cell battery replacements for mercury photo batteries. Wein also pioneered high powered multi channeled modulated xenon infra-red remote controls for critical photo shoots. Our patented technologies have benefited many people over the years and we are continuing advanced research into environmental pollution control systems for air water and food safety. 

Our new product Los Angeles start up facility is home to our uncommonly gifted and hard working production, technical and sourcing staff . Together these talented men and women help innovate and produce leading edge products for the 21st century. Within our abilities, no efforts are spared in testing and validating these new technologies and we work with eminent independent scientists from leading universities and research institutes to make products that are safe effective and affordable.

Our new advanced  FitSeal N99, P95, P100, ViraMask N99ESC and  Air Supply personal air purifiers are our latest innovations and we are continuing to advance and improve  respiratory  protection technology.

Stan Weinberg

Chairman & CEO

Wein Products Inc.



Additional Information:

Stan and Christina Weinberg run an advanced technology company in Los Angeles whose mission is to convert new emerging technologies into leading edge environmental products.

Over the years, the Weinberg's have assembled a team of uncommonly gifted research and development scientific authorities at various Universities and research institutes like UCLA  and The University of Cincinnati School of Environmental Science, that work closely with Wein Products to peer review and publish validation studies on these advanced technologies in respected scientific journals.

Stan created the wearable ionic personal air purifier some years ago recognizing the need to protect people from airborne hazards anywhere they went, not just in fixed locations.

Stan is on the executive committees of many scientific advisory boards and he and Christina also serve on advisory boards of various hospitals and charitable organizations.

Stan is a member of TAU BETA PI Engineering Honor Society whose membership is instrumental in granting full professorships at the University of California Engineering Department.

Stan Weinberg has innovated and pioneered technologies in many diverse fields including environmental health and safety as well as biochemical countermeasures defense.

Stan holds many patents and pioneered the development of many successful consumer products including the residential light dimmers everyone uses to professional digital photo imaging devices.

He has consulted for and received professional commendations from many government security agencies including DERA, The Defense Evaluation Research Agency of the British Ministry of Defense. As a member of The International Association of Bomb Technicians and Investigators, he has developed safety procedures now being used by various agency first responder units.

Stan Weinberg has an Honors Bachelor of Science Degree from UCLA Engineering but is often referred to as Doc Stan (Honorary) because of his constant involvement with medical doctors and PhD's.